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Providing Family Style, Kennel Free Care Inside Our Cozy Country Home Since 2008.

Small Dog Boarding

Providing Family Style, Kennel Free Care Inside Our Cozy Country Home Since 2008.

Call: Rick & Heather

8 am - 7 pm: Weekdays
10 am- 7 pm: Weekends & Holidays 
Visits by appointment only please


Victoria BC

Family Style Care 

At Small Dog Boarding all our overnight guest dogs are treated like extended family.  Here they will  receive the same love, consideration, care, and affection as our own dogs, including 24/7 access to our cozy country home and supervised access to our 3 fully fenced, private dog parks!​

Regardless of the complexity of your dogs diet it will eat as it does at home without additional charges. Although there may be some health issues beyond our skill set, those we can attend to are undertaken without additional fees.

Peter & Laurie

Victoria, BC

"There is no other dog sitter that we have ever found in 35 years of having fur babies that can compare with Small Dog Boarding.  They treat your beloved pet as if he/she were their very own.  We love Rick and Heather just as our dogs do.  They are wonderful."


Sidney, BC

"Mully absolutely loves visiting Small Dog Boarding! I'm confident he's being looked after when I have to leave him overnight. He doesn't even want to come home when I come to pick him up! He definitely loves it there!"


Central Saanich, BC

"Skipper and Chester have stayed with Heather and Rick 3 times now.  I have absolute confidence when my dogs are with them that they are safe.  It means the world to me to know this!  Their property is a delightful place for the pooches to sniff and explore securely.  I love that they are in a homelike situation and that their needs are met with loving care." 

Small Dog Boarding Criteria 

We strive to accept only dogs that are well socialized, neutered/spayed, house trained and recently groomed.

If your dog is an "escape artist," struggles with excessive separation anxiety, or is a chronic barker we may not be able to accept them into our care.

How We Define "Small Dog"

Our goal is to keep our guests weight under 22 pounds, but we are open to considering dogs up to 30 pounds. All decisions are determined following our pre-stay assessment and consultation with the owner(s).

small enjoying our dog park

Pre-Stay Assessment Process

Step 1:  Call to book a time for you and your dog(s) to join us for an on site "walkabout". This gives your pet(s) a chance to sniff around and lay down some scent while we all get to know each other. 

Step 2:  Complete our pet profile at home and  arrange a free half-day visit for your dog(s) to spend some one on one time with us and each dog on site. If deemed appropriate, they will then join in on group play and rest times.

Step 3:  Assuming all went well, your dog(s) will now be welcome to stay with us anytime, space permitting.  

Boarding Fees

One Dog:  $39.50 a night
Each Additional dog:  $35.50 a night
Pickup day:  $5.00 an hour after 12pm

 Drop Off & Pick Up Hours

Weekdays: 8 am to 7 pm

Weekends & Holidays:  10 am to 7 pm
All site visits are by appointment only.

cute dog enjoying our kennel free dog boarding
Small Dog Boarding Owners: Rick and Heather

Get To Know The Owners

Heather and I are the "crazy dog people" of legend! The ones that love, love, love having a house full of dogs.

We opened our first kennel free daycare and boarding facility in 2008. After temporally closing in 2020 we have now joyfully reopened as "Small Dog Boarding" and the results have been amazing. Small Dog Boarding Ltd. is properly zoned, licensed and insured, and we "the owners" are experienced, dedicated professionals.  Rick

Small Dog Boarding Ltd. Location

15 minutes from downtown Victoria.
On route to the Victoria International Airport, Sidney BC, and the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal. 

405 Wakashan Place, Victoria, BC

All site visits are by appointment only.
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